2018 Daytona 500 - Florida

Pano of racetrack from our seats
Daytona International Speedway - Florida

Spent 5 days accompanying my father-in-law, enjoying the warm Florida weather and experiencing NASCAR racing at the Daytona International Speedway. Originally, my father-in-law was supposed to experience the Ride Along but it was delayed by 2 hours due to fog, then cancelled altogether. Unfortunately, they offer no refunds so my father-in-law will have to make/pay for plans to travel back to Daytona again or to other Ride Along experiences at other tracks. It was my first time at Daytona and it was a great experience to watch the races, win some cool swag and see the cars, the race track and the in-field up close. Although I grew restless sitting for a couple of hours, I was able to get up and walk laps along the stadium. Enjoy some photos taken of our time in Daytona at the races!

The Fanzone was a pretty cool place to be! We got to see the in-field up close. It was cool to see the cars in the Pit Garages. But it was even cooler to be able to walk on the race track. I got to sign my name on the finish line! WOOT!

Swag - cool winnings!

Driving along the Daytona Beach

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