Joshua Tree National Park 2017 - Day 2

Yes, my very first experience at "desert hiking"...woot! Today I did some "on-trail" solo hiking and drove through the park from the west entrance to the north entrance. At the Visitor Center in Joshua Tree, I spoke with a park ranger who highlighted spots on a map that I wanted to check out. He also recommended I drive through the park from the west entrance to the north entrance. So glad I was such a gorgeous day! The west entrance is 10 miles from the visitor center and I purchased a 7-day vehicle pass for $25. Enjoy some photos I took of my day.

Trashcan Rock at Quail Springs
This spot was starting to get busy with climbers

Solo hiking the Hidden Valley Trail

Turtle Rock 
This area is opposite of the Hidden Valley Trailhead
You can see a school of climbers in the lower left

Echo Rock
On my way to the Barker Dam trailhead, I passed this beautiful slab!
You can see some climbers on the right!

Solo hiking the Barker Dam Trail

On my way out of the Barker Dam trailhead area I took a drive through the Hidden
Valley Campground. Super cool and would definitely camp here if I were with a
group. The rock formations surrounding this campsite were full of climbers!

Cap Rock
Thought I'd find this area busy today

Oyster Bar area

Skull Rock

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