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Lone Mountain - Solo Hike

Shaka from Lone Mountain, Las Vegas, Nevada Lone Mountain  Elevation 3,342 ft Trail: Regular Route Elevation Gain: 542 ft Distance: 1.3 miles Billed as the "locals hike" I finally got to hike Lone Mountain. We had a view of this hill from our room when my husband and I were here in Las Vegas last month. You can read about our visit here . Today I had a bit of time to check it out. It's super fun and if you don't have a whole lotta time, you can get this hike in. The views are phenomenal, well worth the burn on the steep ascent.  To access the Regular Route, I parked at the trailhead on Vegas Vista Trail. The parking lot isn't paved and it's across the street from the entrance of a gated community.  Lone Mountain is a hill that is detached from the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area . It's an isolated, rocky butte just northwest of central Las Vegas. The unincorporated community surrounding the hill, is named after it.  The Perimeter