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Kraft Mountain Loop Trail - Desert Hiking

Kraft Mountain Loop Trail Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada Another perfect day for desert hiking! Today Ronnie and I hiked the 3.1 mile loop around Kraft Mountain. Although the parking lot was filling quickly, we managed to find parking at the Sandstone Road trailhead. We hiked counter-clockwise as the ascent is less gradual in that direction. There were many boulderers arriving and already many in the boulder area. Many hikers out with their dogs were enjoying the day as well. Enjoy some photos taken of our hike. The start of our hike. We hiked counter-clockwise and started our hike (East) from the Sandstone Road trailhead. Left: Ronnie with the pink Kraft Mountain in the background.  Entering the Kraft Boulders area Entering the La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area Along the trail Beautiful formations     Along the trail We came up the trail that leads to Turtlehead Peak There were two, short, s