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Dog Wall - Rock Climbing

Peanut gallery on the upper trail from the 1st pullout parking lot Spent the morning at the Dog Wall crag in Red Rock Canyon. Yup, the rock was dry enough! The climbs here were overhanging and I only attempted one climb, Pleasure Dog (5.10) but quit when I couldn't get to a hold (too reachy for me).  After that I just sat out and belayed. It was amazing to watch Linda and Tim leading the overhanging routes! And it was good to get out - I got to spend time with my climbing buddy who was visiting from Colorado for the weekend!  Liz leads Catwalk Trad routes on the left of the Dog Wall Unknown Dihedral, Doggy Style and Wok The Dog You can spot a climber on The Slab Tammy on Pleasure Dog Linda leading Cujo Unknown Dihedral - Trad