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Rattlesnake Rocks - Rock Climbing

The Right Face (5.8+) Iskuhi and I headed to Rattlesnake Rocks again. Met some new friends and had a wonderful day of climbing. For starters, we climbed Craton Hop (right side) , Vibranium , and the Canadian Shield (left side) of The Shield. Then gave the Double Chimney and the Right Face on the Ship's Prow a go. We ended the day on The Exorcist, The Slot and The Scoop of The Playground crag. All the climbs and setups were easy to find thanks to Pete! Super great rock and climbing company today.  And t hanks, Iskuhi, Joe, Pete & Josh for the photos and your help and support for my  "Turning 60 and Climbing About It"  project!    Enjoy a few photos taken of our day at the Rattlesnakes! Iskuhi (left) and Joe (right) on The Shield I think this is The Exorcist Left: The Scoop  Right: The Slot Toad in the horizontal crack of The Right Face Pete setting up TR anchors at The Exorcist Josh and Lovena Lovena & Iskuhi B