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Kaukau Las Vegas, NV - Food Review

Guava Chiffon Cake - broke da mout! Island Flavor, Las Vegas, NV Visit my new foodie Instagram page! @hawaiigirltastyadventures  Besides climbing, I love food! Well to be specific, I love Hawaii local food, with Hawaiian and Asian food coming in at a close second. There aren't any eateries here in New England dedicated to Hawaiian food, unless you count the "Poke" eateries. Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer. In Hawaii, traditional Poke consist of cubed Ahi, Maui onions, Inamona , Limu , green onions and maybe (little bit kine) sesame seed oil. There are many other variations, but my second favorite is Shoyu Ahi Poke , in which the cubed Ahi is marinated in shoyu, specifically  Aloha Shoyu ! I have yet to see a Poke eatery here in New England that has nailed the traditional and authentic Ahi Poke. Most, if not all, offer bowls with choices of white or brown rice. But there many other "extras" that can be heaped onto that bowl