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The Tripyramids - Summer Hiking

North Tripyramid (4,180 ft) Middle Tripyramid (4, 140 ft) South Peak (4,100 ft) Elevation Gain: 3,000ft Trails: Livermore, Mt. Tripyramid Loop, (includes the North Slide & South Slide) Distance: 11 miles roundtrip Duration: 9 hours ( includes stops for breaks along the trail, lookouts and at summit)   My 4000+ Peaks #23 & #24  Listed 4000+: #32 & #35 Difficulty: Strenuous   Danger: Medium to High (the Slide sections requires rock scrambling, exposed/steep sections with loose terrain surface) Rock Scrambles : North Slide - Class III Ascent of the gnarly North Slide 3 weeks ago I experienced The Standard Route (5.5) on The Slabs of Whitehorse Ledge. It took 9 hours to rock climb (Trad) 1,080 feet. Ascending the North Slide reminded me of climbing The Standard Route, but it was longer and wicked intense. The North Slide is the last portion of the Mt. Tripyramid Trail towards the North Tripyramid summit. The last half a mile (2,640 feet) is with 1