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Stinson Mountain - Winter Solo Hiking

Stinson Mountain (2,850ft) Elevation Gain: 1,300ft Trails: Stinson Mountain, Snowmobile Distance: 3.6 miles roundtrip Duration: 3.75 hr (includes stops for breaks along the trail, and at the summit) Difficulty: Moderate Another NH 52 With A View! Located in Rumney, NH, Stinson Mountain is just up the road from the Rumney Rock Climbing area. The lower Doetown Road to the trailhead, as well as the trailhead, wasn't plowed but there wasn't much snow on the ground and I was able to drive to and park at the trailhead. Shortly before starting two other cars pulled  into the parking lot. I wanted to be alone so I quickly got my gear on and headed up the trail. It was very sunny and temps in the low 20's. About 0.7 mile I had to take off my 3rd layer (my insulated jacket liner) and change to a 'thinner'  3rd layer. It was nice to hike in snow. Back in Massachusetts there is no snow on the's just cold and brown! Yuck! To be hiking in sn