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Kellie Barr-Foster Day - Rock Climbing

A beautiful day for some Fall rock climbing at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH! Rock climbing friends of Kellie enjoyed the weather and fun of climbing on the Kellie Barr-Foster Day.   Enjoy photos some photos that were taken of this fun day! Tom setting up top roping anchor Kellie Jeff and Kiki Rhonda on "The Nose" My turn on "The Nose" Jeff on my belay I was able to get a reporter and photographer out to Stonehouse Pond on Kellie's Day. Liz at Foster Daily Democrat tried her hand at rock climbing for the very first time. She rocked it and here's her story along with some photos! Rock-Solid Faith: Climbing Goes Beyond Physical Skills By Liz Markhlevskaya Tuesday, November 5, 2013 BARRINGTON — Hanging on the side of a cliff at Stonehouse Pond, I was clenching on for dear life. Being held up by just my fingertips and the very edges of my shoes, I looked down and saw what looked