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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stonehouse Pond - Rock Climbing

Perfect weather for rock climbing! One of my favorite places is Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH. This crag is just up the street from Kellie's Climbing Barn and where I did my first ice climb as well. It's also favorite to fishermen (Catch and Release) because of its well-stocked pond!  The parking lot was opened not too long ago with the Pond overall opening to the public about a year ago. In other words, you ain't gonna find any routes listed online anywhere. The routes are there, they just aren't officially named or graded. There are also a few spots for bouldering. I plan to get back to the pond later this month to do more photographing. 

The1/2 mile hike from the parking lot is flat until you get to the cliffs. From the cliffs the view is stunning and overlooks the pond and surrounding wooded area. We spotted two campfires, one of which was still smoldering! Campfires are prohibited in the pond, but there aren't any signage displayed or, worse yet, anyone patrolling to enforce the rule. 

Kellie setup anchor at the cliff top and then we both rappelled to the ledge below. I had bought a new Petzl Reverso a couple of months ago and got to try it out. I actually perfer it over an ATC for rappelling. I prefer and use a Petzl Grigri for belay as well as self-belay. Sorry for the blurriness and small sizes. Most of the photos were taken on my iPhone. At the clifftop I was able to Facebook 'Check-In' with a strong cellphone signal.

** Click on the photos to see a larger view 

The cliffs overlooking the pond at Stonehouse Pond 

The pond from the cliff top

That lone tree that sticks up above the rest is really
a cellphone tower that is made to look like a tree!
Couple other climbers below.
Their 'blue' rope is setup

Kellie setting up anchor
The two routes we climbed (2)

Ledge I was standing on

Someone forgot their gloves....

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