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Mt. Ka'ala attempt - O'ahu, Hawaii

Mt. Ka'ala (4,025 ft) Hike elevation: 3,000ft Elevation Gain: 2,920 ft Trail: Wai'anae-Ka'ala Distance: 6 miles roundtrip (approximation) Duration: 5.5 hrs (includes stops for breaks along the trail and at the 3 poles) Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous Danger: Medium to High (steep sections with loose rock, rock scrambling along trail)   Heart be still! There's a 4000+ footer on Oahu! Well then, it's only appropriate that I hike to this summit to add to my 4000+ feet list! Sure it's not part of the New Hampshire 48 list, but hey, I am a peakbagger! :)   I did a lot of research on this hike, reading many blogs and reviews on this hike. And I went through many photos of this hike often comparing photos from different bloggers/reviewers and saw many of the same shots along the trail. This helped me to understand what to expect and encounter while on the trail. It was a way to familiarize myself with the trail even being 6000 miles and months away. Init