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Mounts Flume & Liberty - Solo Hiking

Mt Flume (4,328ft) Mt. Liberty (4,459ft) Total Elevation Gain: 3,900ft Trails: Bike Path, Whitehouse, Flume Slide, Franconia Ridge, Liberty Springs  Trail/Appalachian Trail Distance: 10.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 9.0 hrs (includes stops for breaks along the trail, and at both summits) My 4000+ Peaks #18 & #19 respectively Listed 4000+: #25 & 18 respectively The Terrifying 25 List: Flume Slide Trail Difficulty: Strenuous Danger: Medium to High (exposed/steep sections, rock scrambling) Rock Scrambles : Parts of Flume Slide - Class II+ Oh my heck! Oh my heck! Oh.My.Heck! What a funtastic day for hiking and rock scrambling. I had no idea how fun this would be. I thought the Caps Ridge Trail to Mt. Jefferson and the White Dot Trail to Monadnock Mountain was a blast. But this scramble to the summit to Mt. Flume, this was epic! Let me back up a bit....... I was the second person parked near the bike path entrance of the Flume Gorge parking lot. I qu