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Rumney Ice - March 2011

This morning I donned snowshoes and spent 4 hours hiking Rumney for its beautiful ice flows! It was slow going most times as there was a foot of snow and in some places, a foot-and-a-half. Started off at The Meadow Flows which is on the right side of the Parking Lot Wall. Then down onto Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall, then finished off my hike at the Main Cliff - Right. Last summer, the Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall is where I learned to Lead Climb. It sure looks a lot different in the winter! If you recognize any of the flows, please email me so that I correctly label them. Thanks! ** Click on the photos to see a larger view  Right side of the Parking Lot Wall (5) The Meadows Flows     At the 5.8 Crag sign, I broke trail up to this ice flow just left and below the Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall. (2) Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall Selsun Blue and The Cave Route in the upper right hand   Selsun Blue The Cave Route Venus Flakes - Dry Tooling (located to the left of Selsun Blue) M