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Rock Rimmon – Rock Climb

26 peeps + 1 dog + 9 routes = FUN and a mellow day of climbing!! Forget we are at an urban crag trashed with broken glass, beer cans, television sets, paper and an assortment of what-have-you!  I set up the Sunday Climb at Rock Rimmon meetup so all levels can enjoy climbing! We sure lucked out with weather perfect for climbing - warm temps and lots of shade under the trees. Rock Rimmon is located in Manchester, NH with routes from 5.2  to 5.12. Our group set up ropes on 9 routes and everyone got a chance to climb whatever they wanted! To come out climbing with us, join The NH Rock Climbing Meetup Group! 1. Tippy Toe Slabs 2. Tippy Toe Slabs 3. Creatures Creation (5.8+) 4. The Washbowl (5.7+) 5. Zig Zag (5.4+) 6. Beehive Crack (5.8)/The Thing (5.7) 7. Something Obscene (5.9-) 8. Armpits (5.7) 9. The Devil (5.9)

Rock Rimmon Evening Climb

What a great time rock climbing Rock Rimmon in the evening! I brought my grand daughter Ann along as she and Kellie's daughter, Cass, like to run around. There was a lot of traffic on the way to the cliff but it was worth it....the climbing is fantastic at Rock Rimmon! Got to climb with new and old friends, I topped off my third climb and got to see a fantastic sunset from the top of the cliff, and in all, gave my inner thighs a beating, LOL! Thanks go to both Beth and Mark for the patient belays! And especially to Kellie for putting together a great meetup and making the eve of my 53rd birthday a memorable one! <3

Rock Rimmon - Spring Rock Climbing

Such a great crag and easy to get to! Rock Rimmon is one of my favorites places to climb! Ropes were set up on the Far Left Slabs and I got to climb both the right and middle Tippy Toe routes. These were easy routes on slabs and great as a warmup. With no brightly colored holds, it was great to be climbing outdoors FINALLY! I tied in on the Tippy Toe Middle anchors so that I could snap some shots of those making their climbs, some for the very first time outdoors! Some photos of the days fun!  

Rock Rimmon - Rock Climbing

Easy to get to. Never expected a lovely piece of rock behind a school playground! But the routes on this Manchester, NH crag are interesting and this particular day, our group were the only climbers! Kellie setting up top rope at Tippy Toe Slab. Sean w/ beta, on my belay on the very 'wet' Angel Left (5.6). About to top off on the very 'wet' Angel Left (5.6). Kellie on Dead Skunk (5.8). Sean on my belay Dead Skunk (5.8).