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Welch and Dickey Mountains - Winter Hiking

Mt. Welch:  2,605 ft  Mt. Dickey:  2,734 ft Total elevation gain:  1,859 ft Trails:  Welch Mountain and Dickey Mountain trails loop Difficulty:  Moderate This 4.5 mile loop hike took our group across the summits of the Welch and Dickey Mountains.  We first took the Welch Mountain trail from the parking lot. We crossed a small brook and our ascent took us along side of that brook for some of the way. When we got to the slabs it started to snow lightly. We took a break here, resting for a few minutes to snack. I took photos from the tops of the slabs and more clouds rolled in. Route 49 into Waterville Valley town center can be seen from these slabs. As we made our ascent to the peak, there were more slabs to scramble over. The slabs were icy and MicroSpikes provided traction. I got to lead our group to the peak, scrambling over the slabs and keeping the group on the trail. The trail was a maze as it twisted and turned around the icy granite slabs and squeezed between narrow cr

Rumney Ice - March 2011

This morning I donned snowshoes and spent 4 hours hiking Rumney for its beautiful ice flows! It was slow going most times as there was a foot of snow and in some places, a foot-and-a-half. Started off at The Meadow Flows which is on the right side of the Parking Lot Wall. Then down onto Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall, then finished off my hike at the Main Cliff - Right. Last summer, the Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall is where I learned to Lead Climb. It sure looks a lot different in the winter! If you recognize any of the flows, please email me so that I correctly label them. Thanks! ** Click on the photos to see a larger view  Right side of the Parking Lot Wall (5) The Meadows Flows     At the 5.8 Crag sign, I broke trail up to this ice flow just left and below the Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall. (2) Main Cliff Left - Venus Wall Selsun Blue and The Cave Route in the upper right hand   Selsun Blue The Cave Route Venus Flakes - Dry Tooling (located to the left of Selsun Blue) M

Mt. Pierce - Winter Hiking

Elevation: 4,310ft Trails: Crawford Path Trail Elevation Gain: 2,350ft Distance: 6.2 miles roundtrip Duration: 5.5 hours My 4000+ Peak #1  Listed 4000+: #27 Difficulty:  Moderate Alright this hike was easy....easy compared to last week's hike up to Noon Peak! The Sandwich Mountain Trailhead to Noon Peak is so steep near the top, it resembles what we rock climbers refer to as a "Slab Wall"! But today's hike was enjoyable. The commute to Mt. Pierce took me through the Franconia Notch way. I have to admit, in the 24 years that I've lived here in New England, I've never been through that State Park...heck I haven't been to alot of the state parks in New Hampshire! Along the way I spotted more I-93 Ice Flows and stopped to snap photos. As usual, I got lost, which is why I leave early. But I did find my way to the Crawford Notch AMC center and stopped to use the restroom and ask for directions. Joe Halloway pointed me in the right direction and also t