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The Kinsmans - Hiking

North Kinsman (4,293 ft) South Kinsman (4,358 ft) Trails: Mount Kinsman Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail/Appalachian Trail Distance: 10.0 miles roundtrip Duration: 8.0 hours (include stops along the trail for breaks, at the lookout at summits) My 4000+ Peaks #25 & #26 Listed 4000+: #28 & #26 Difficulty: Strenuous Danger: Medium (steep portions and rock scrambling of trail on ridge) I’m sorry, but I do not like butt sliding. And as I explained to Sue and Lisa, “I do not like to get my buttocks wet!” We all laughed, but they knew I was serious! The rain was on its way and would make for some slippery trail scrambling. But it wouldn’t be until the afternoon and after we had summited both the North and South Kinsman It was a beautiful morning for a hike and Sue and I ended up at the trailhead an hour late. But we eventually caught up with Lisa. The Mt. Kinsman trail is beautiful and takes you through the woods while the Kinsman Ridge Trail takes you along the ridge with