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Mt. Osceola & East Osceola - Hiking

Mt. Osceola (4,340ft) Mt. Osceola East Peak (4,156ft) Trails: Osceola Trail
Elevation Gain: 2,950ft Distance: 8.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 6 hrs My 4000+ Peaks #4 & #5 Listed 4000+: #24 & #34
Difficulty:  Moderate to Strenuous
Danger: Low to High (The Chimney has many holds but can be slippery when wet. There are no ropes for assistance and some sections are vertical)
Rock Scrambles: The Chimney - Class II+

I got to lead the hike to the Mt. Osceola summit! It was my very first time leading a hike all the way to a summit over 4000 feet. It wasn't very fast (1.4mi/hr) but it was a steady pace. Our group (New England Over 50 Meetup) met up at the Osceola Trailhead in Waterville Valley, NH. It was a cool morning and I arrived in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt but changed into my hiking pants and put my long-sleeved shirt on as an overshirt. I would have preferred to hike in shorts, but I prefer not to have my legs eaten by mosquitoes.
This trail is beautiful but rocky which made for…