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Mount Whiteface - Hiking

Mount Whiteface (4,020 ft) Elevation Gain: 2,850ft Trails: Blueberry Ledge, Rollins, Dicey’s Mill Distance: 9.8 miles roundtrip Duration: 7.5 hours (include stops along the trail for posing, at the lookouts and summit) My 4000+ Peaks #27 Listed 4000+: #45 Difficulty: Strenuous   Danger: High (steep, ledges, cliffs on trail, rock scrambling) Rock Scrambles : Two short sections Blueberry Ledge  trail - Class II Originally we were also going to hike to the Passaconway summit but with time constraints, we weren’t able to do so on this hike. So we just bagged Mount Whiteface. But hey, no worries!!! As I told Sue, the mountain will always be here. Plus, Lisa also needs to bag Passaconway, so there ya go!  We’ll be able to hike Passaconway, the three of us! The Blueberry Ledge trail is in fantastic shape and is maintained by the Wanaloncet Outdoor Club (WODC) . I was impressed with the stone stairs along the trail. But even more so impressed with the stairs on a very steep sect