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Mt. Field - Solo Summer Hike

Elevation: 4,340ft Trails: Avalon and Willey Ridge Elevation Gain: 2,400ft Distance: 5.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 5 hrs/15 min (includes stops for breaks along the trail and at both summits) My 4000+ Peak #17 Listed 4000+: #23 Via: Mt. Avalon (3,342 ft.) Difficulty: Moderate So there I was at the trailhead for the third time. The first time I did a solo hike to Mt. Willard , and the second time I made my first winter solo hike to Mt. Tom . I was familiar with how the Avalon Trail starts off easily from the Crawford Train Depot. I had planned to hike to Mounts Avalon, Field and Willey. But thunderstorms were forecasted for the afternoon and if I did hike to Mt. Willey, I didn't want to take a chance of hiking back down the steep rocky portions of trail when it was wet. I'd make my decision once I got to the summit of Mt. Field. I expected the heat but not the humidity. Some parts of the trail are steep and rocky and the combination of humidity and bugs