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Acadia National Park 2012

Acadia National Park.....Bar Harbor, Maine....Mount Desert Island. These were places I had not heard of until Noreen, one of my rock climbing girl buddies, mentioned them to me six months ago.  Rock climbing on the ocean? Sounds good to me! I was out climbing with Kellie when I mentioned our intention to climb at Otter Cliffs and she offered to be our guide. The next thing I knew, we were "a go" for our Acadia trip! Jane, my indoor rock climbing partner, would be carpooling up with me. And we would meet up with Kellie, Beth, Anne, Kim and Simona for our Bar Harbor destination. Otter Cliffs are a series of natural sea cliffs located just off the loop road in Acadia National Park. The cliffs are excellent for climbers of all skill levels, with routes ranging in difficulty from 5.5 to 5.12. And because they are so popular, a guide book states, "Don't hog the routes!" There is an access trail leading from the loop road to the top of the cliffs, where y