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Mt. Garfield - Solo Spring Hike

Mt. Garfield Elevation: 4,500ft Trails: Garfield and Garfield Ridge Trail/Appalachian Trail Elevation Gain: 3,000ft Distance: 10 miles roundtrip Duration: 6.75 hours (includes stops along trail and at summit) My 4000+ Peak #29 Listed 4000+: #14 Difficulty:   Easy to Moderate Normally I don’t hike during the week, but I had a free day and it was gorgeous with very mild temps, perfect for spending time with myself hiking in the White Mountains. I took the most popular route up, the Garfield Trail. It was an easy trail that follows old fire roads and a tractor road. At the Garfield Ridge junction I took the short, easy scramble 0.2 miles to the summit. I had the summit to myself for a while. I usually limit my summit stays to about 30 minutes, but I couldn’t get my Peaks App to focus correctly on the peaks of the Franconia Ridge. Plus, I had to eat. Plus, I had to take as many photos as I could get. And then I did a bit of socializing with Nack and his mom. Even thoug