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Mt. Major - Solo Winter Hiking

Mt. Major (1,780ft) Trails: Mt. Major Main Elevation Gain: 1,100 ft Distance: 3.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 1 hr, 55 minutes (includes stops along the trail and at the summit) Difficulty: Easy to Moderate This hike was an awesome easy workout! I wanted to make the summit in one hour and I did so! The only time I really stopped along the trail on my ascent was when I had gone off trail. I had to stop and search for a bit for those blue blazes. I had brought my snowshoes just in case, but didn’t need them as the trail was nicely packed.      I took the Mt. Major Main trail all the way to the summit. It provides a short and direct route to the summit but near the top it has some really sketchy and steep pitches. I opted to take the alternate route to the left to avoid the ledges. I may be a crazy hiker girl, but I’m not stupid, the ledges were full of ice.   Those ledges There were great 360 degree views at the top but man, was it windy cold! I could only s

Alton Bay, NH - Photos

Since both winter hikes were cancelled this weekend, I decided to take some photos today. Last week I spent Sunday hiking to the summit of Mt. Major overlooking Alton Bay, NH and I was not able to get photos of the ice fishers on Lake Winnipesaukee. So I went back this morning and spent a couple hours from the shore as well as on the lake happily snapping photos. For lunch I dined at Shibley's At The Pier. They're located on the Lake and their wait staff are friendly and professional. Dined on the Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich, soup and hot tea and snapped more photos as well. Oh, and I finally got photos of those ice flows on the northbound side of I-93 between exits 8 & 9, as well as some along Route NH 11! I so desire to climb those! ** Click on the photos to see a larger view  Ice flows on I-93 Northbound between exits 8 & 9.  Icicles everywhere! Route NH 11  Lake Winnipesaukee, Alton Bay, NH Ice fishing huts on Lake Winnipesaukee Busy lake with traffic an