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Mt Rand & West Quarry Mountain– Summer Hiking

Mount Rand (1,883ft)   West Quarry Mountain (1,844ft)   Total Elevation Gain: 900 feet Trails: Old Clough Road, Quarry (White) trail Distance: 4 miles roundtrip Duration: 3.5 hours (includes stops at both summits) Difficulty: On the easy side of moderate Today I hiked the last two summits of the Belknap Range! When I first started hiking I never knew about hiking lists . So when I found out about the NH 48 4000+ list I started hiking with the intent of peakbagging. But I’ve never brought any signs up with me to display at each summit I reached. It was the same for the Belknap Range hikes, until the very last two. I did want to commemorate the completion of all 12 peaks of the Belknap Range with more than a hiking patch. So with the help of some hiking buddies, I set out to finish the Belknap Range making sure I brought along my #12 sign! As we say in Hawaii – Mahalo Nui Loa to Noreen and Boomer, as well as Neil and Karen with Maggie and Phil the mountain dog, for hiki