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2014: A Year Review

I cannot believe how quickly 2014 has come and gone, but it has been another fantastic year! I still climb 3-5 days per week and have taken to actually enjoying practicing indoor climbing. Where I once abhorred color-coded plastic holds, I’ve come to appreciate their challenges with the simple thought of, “well, all that would be on if I were outdoors!”  :P Anyways, the start of 2014 couldn’t come soon enough. I had received all brand-spanking new ice climbing gear for Christmas (2013) from my wonderful husband. Although he isn’t a climber and has absolutely no idea about buying climbing gear, he came through with gear I could call my very own. No more borrowing, renting or using ill-fitting second-hand gear. It’s new shit from here on out!  Winter And all that new ice climbing gear couldn’t come at a better time. I signed up for the AMC Boston Ice Climbing Program. I learned a lot - networking and gaining new climbing skills. I got to rappel down ice for the first time.

2014 Presidential Range Traverse – Multi-day Hike

2014 Presidential Range Traverse – Multi-day Hike Dedicated to Sue Barber! AMAZING 3 days - 9 summits - 21 miles – 8,800ft elevation gain! Mt. Madison #30, Mt. Adams #31 and Mt. Washington #32 for me. Washington #41 for Tim!!! My first time on Clay. Third time on Jefferson. Second time on Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower and Pierce! Started traverse 3 days after my 55th birthday!!! A year ago Sue asked me if I would be interested in hiking the Presidential Range Traverse with her. I hemmed and hawed a bit but ended saying yes! And I’m sure glad I did. Fast forward to May 2014. Sue and I agreed on a 3 days/2 night-traverse. She also invited Tim along on the traverse. Reservations were made at the Madison Springs and Lake Of The Clouds huts. I also set up reservations for the shuttle to take us from the AMC Highland Center to the Appalachia Trail on Route 2, the start of our 3-day trek. Unfortunately, 3 weeks before our traverse, Sue had to back out due to illness.