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Peacock Flats - Hiking

Earl Pawn Campground at Peacock Flats Mokuleia Forest Reserve Trail: Mokuliea Forest Reserve Access Road Elevation: Approx 1410 ft Elevation Gain: Approx 1400 ft Distance: 7.6 miles roundtrip Duration: 4 hours (includes 1 hour spent at the Peacock Flats) Difficulty: Easy, but hot! So bring plenty water! Danger: Low Took this easy, short hike with my cousins Darrell and Kat. Mokuleia Forest Reserve Access Road is a paved road for 3.8 miles and ends at the top gate at the Forest Reserve boundry. The road is popular with walkers, runners and bicyclists as well. As you ascend the paved road near the top gate, you will see the Peacock Flats Campground directly on your left.   Mileage is marked - the metal pole every half mile and the dark brown signs mark every mile. This is the top gate that ends at the paved road Once you go around the gate you will see these signs. Follow the wide dirt path to get to the Campground "A" on the left and Camp