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Safety Course - Portsmouth Kayak Adventures

So my rock climbing girl buddies and I are set to go rock climbing and kayaking in Acadia, ME in September. Only problem is I don't have a kayak. So I figured I'd rent one. But there's gotta be more to just renting a kayak. I mean, just how the heck do your use one? So I looked around for some basic lessons and found Portsmouth Kayak Adventures . Their website has loads of photos and well, they're a close drive for me. I was looking forward to learning basic paddle strokes but more importantly, I needed to learn Wet Exits, and Self-Rescue as well as Assisted Rescue techniques. So I signed up for the $75 course and it fit the bill to a 'T'! The morning of my lesson was pouring but I eagerly headed up north as I didn't want to miss my lesson. When I got to PKA the rain had stopped but it was still cloudy. I met with Kendall, paid my fee and signed some paperwork. Kendall had me use a 14 feet Perception kayak and showed me how to carry it into w