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Mt. Morgan & Mt. Percival - Winter Hiking

Mt. Morgan Elevation: 2,220ft Mt. Percival Elevation: 2,212 Trails: Morgan, Crawford-Ridgepole and Percival Trails Elevation Gain: 1,500ft Distance: 4.8 miles roundtrip Duration: 4.5 hrs Difficulty: Moderate The Terrifying Twenty Five List:  Mt. Morgan Trail (Rickety Ladder Route) Rock Scrambles : Boulder caves and rock scrambling - Class II Two things I learned today hiking to these summits. One, I enjoy helping others in the group get around the trail safely. Some parts of the trail can be tricky, especially on steep descents that are icy, or across large granite slabs. It's always smart to help your hiking companions so that no one gets hurt and everyone can enjoy the day's hike. And secondly, even if this is a group event, there are always going to be a couple of hikers who only care to help themselves however experienced/knowledgeable they are.   We originally were going to hike up to the Mt. Percival summit and then onto Mt. Morgan, but we hiked up the