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Mt. Majors, Straightback Mountain & Mt. Anna – Solo Summer Hike

Mount Majors (1,786ft) Straightback South Mountain – South Peak (1,910ft) Mount Anna (1,660ft) Total Elevation Gain: 1,349ft Trails: Mt. Majors (Blue), Blue-Yellow Merge, Quarry, North Straightback Link (Green), Brook (Yellow) Distance: 7.3 miles roundtrip Duration: 5.0 hrs, 10 min (includes stops at all summits) Difficulty: Moderate When I left my itinerary with my husband I had this hike down for a roundtrip of 4 miles. Oooops!   It didn’t occur to me that the 4 miles was one way until I reached Mt. Anna almost 3 hours after starting. I had depended on a website for mileage and didn’t realize that it didn’t account for the trip back. I don’t know what distracted me from estimating the mileage correctly, but I know better now!   I didn’t mind bagging Mt. Majors for the 3 rd time as the views were stunning! But I needed Straightback Mountain and Mt. Anna, so spent only a few minutes on the crowded summit snacking on my PB&J sandw