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Mt. Percival & Mt. Morgan - Fall Hiking

Mt. Percival
Elevation: 2,212ft

Mt. Morgan
Elevation: 2,220ft

Trails: Percival, Crawford-Ridgepole and Morgan Trails
Elevation Gain: 1,500ft
Distance: 4.8 miles roundtrip
Duration: 5.0 hrs
Difficulty: Moderate
The Terrifying Twenty Five List:  Mt. Percival Trail (Boulder Caves Route)
Danger: High(caves, ledges, cliffs on trail)
Rock Scrambles: Boulder caves and rock scrambling - Class II

Caves, ledges and ladders, oh my!!! Mt. Hale was originally the planned hike of the day, but when I met up with Sue and her son Nick, she said that Lisa wouldn't be able to make the hike due to illness. So we decided to hike to Percival & Morgan instead and headed out to the Squam Lake area. 

I had hiked these two back in 2011 with the New England Over 50 Meetup group. But we hiked the looped trail in the opposite direction. We hiked it during the winter and we bypassed the Boulder Caves. I was eager to see what this hike was like during the mild season and I also needed to hike the Boulder Caves rout…