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Schooldaze - Multi Pitch Rock Climbing (Day 8 Colorado 2015)

Schooldaze (5.5 ) – Multi pitch rock climbing Elevation Gain: 450 feet Turret Dome – 8,620 ft

This morning we rose early to pack up and head out to the Turret Dome of Eleven Mile Canyon. I slept really well in this campsite! Actually, I slept better than any other night on this trip. :)  Which is a good thing since we were climbing this morning. We stopped off at a local convenience store and stocked up on breakfast, coffee and hiking food.
At the canyon, we parked at the picnic parking lot, geared up and crossed the footbridge over the South Platte River. We turned left onto the grassy area and followed a trail upstream. There were already many families out picnicking and fishing in this location. I couldn’t resist smiling and saying good morning to those that were along the banks fishing! 
Turret Dome

There was no one on the Dome!! Well, actually there were 3 other climbers who had come in after us but they jumped ahead of us onto the Schooldaze route by crossing over from the Knup route.…

Day 7 Colorado 2015

Our last morning of this gorgeous view!
Camping at the South Colony Lake was truly an amazing experience. Every morning I got up and found it to be so peaceful to be surrounded by the mountains. How could you not enjoy the views? The light here at any time of the day was incredible! 
We left our South Colony Lake campsite today to head out to the Eleven Mile Canyon Recreation Area. We were all packed and headed out at 8:30am. Instead of descending the trail we came up on 3 days earlier, we descended the shorter loop back to the junction. 
More gorgeous views on our descent!

There were many backpackers coming up at this time of the morning. It was a smart idea for us to get here on a Tuesday making it such a quiet 4 days and 3 nights. And to be honest, I was glad we were leaving on a Friday. Another day and there would be more folks filling the campsites which meant more noise as well. 
The hike down was long and everyone was eager to get down to the car in the lower parking lot. Kevin II t…