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Mt. Katahdin - Hiking

Mt. Katahdin Elevation: 5,268ft Trails: Hunt Trail/Appalachian Trail Elevation Gain:  4,188 ft Trailhead: Katahdin Stream Campground, Baxter State Park Distance: 10.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 11 hours (includes stops along the trail and the summit) Listed at the 7 th highest in the Northeast Difficulty: Easy to Very Strenuous Danger: Low to High (steep sections, exposed rock scrambling, loose rocks along trail) Epic hike with some rock climbing buddies!  My climbing friend Noreen put this hike together. Originally, we were planning to hike from the Roaring Brook Campground taking the moderate Chimney Pond Trail up. But Maine residents had first dibs on parking permits and by the time us non-Maine residents went online to book, all the parking at the Roaring Brook Campground were sold out. And they do not allow "drop-offs" to any of the trailheads or at the Togue Pond Gate. They are very strict in maintaining parking capacities at each tra