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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 1 Colorado 2015

We all purchased tickets with Southwest Air for the same day/flight. This way when we got into Denver, we didn’t have to wait up for anyone. We all met at the gate of Boston Logan Airport for our flight. It was a bit over 4 hours and when we finally got into Denver, we got onto the Hertz Rental shuttle to get our car.

Hellooooo Denver! (in the rental car shuttle) There were many large groups of folks renting cars. Finally, Jeff pulled up in a Chevy Suburban XL. We squeezed all 15 pieces of luggage and ourselves into it!

The first stop was REI in Denver
for fuel and backpacking food.

On our way to Leadville, we stopped at the Two Brothers Deli in Idaho Springs for lunch. Across the parking lot is a waterfall and wheel. Idaho Springs is the "Gold Rush" town.

The food at the Two Brothers Deli is delicious and the folks there are super nice. At an elevation of 7,524 feet, I felt somewhat light-headed as we walked from the car to the deli. But it didn't last long especially once I got to eat some lunch. 

In Leadville, we stopped off at the local Safeway market to pick up eats for our hikes. After checking into and dropping our luggage at the hostel, we walked around downtown Leadville. We stopped off at the Leadville Outdoors store and they were nicely stocked with climbing and backpacking gear. The "Dispensary" is located just a couple blocks down from the hostel. We got to smell the different "flavors" of marijuana. Visitors and tourists in Colorado can use and purchase marijuana, but can not take it out of the state, and it is prohibited at Denver International Airport. Residents can grow their own plants....6 maximum!  :)

Coffee shop display of bookshelf and mantle-top models from Precision Peaks.

Our last stop of the day as the Iowa Gulch trailhead for Mt. Sherman at 12,000 feet. 10 minutes after we got there I didn't feel too well. In fact, I got a massive headache and was glad to leave.

Leadville Hostel
Leadville, CO - 10,152 ft

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