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Another Classroom

Another Classroom Another Classroom Cathedral Ledge North Conway, NH After bagging the summit of Iron Mountain , I drove over to the top of Cathedral Ledge to visit a new crag that George Hurley found and developed called "Another Classroom". It was really easy to find – just drive to the parking lot at the top of Cathedral Ledge. Just before reaching the parking circle, about 100 feet on the left side of the road, is a wide, flat, white granite slab. From here, follow the trail that leads to the climber's descent trail. Follow the trail to the left and down onto the Thin Air trail. At the bottom where Thin Air goes to the right, take a left and follow a small path along a large gray wall and you will see the "Another Classroom" wall. You can't miss's bolted! ;) **No, I didn't get to climb any of the routes. Another Classroom is the wall facing you as you make your way down this small path along a large gray wall