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Monday, May 25, 2015

Coyote, Blues & Tardis – Multi pitch rock climb

Coyote Rain (5.6)
140 ft, 2 pitches
Wonderland Wall

Evening Blues (5.7)
135 ft, 2 pitches
Wonderland Wall

Tardis (5.7)
65 ft, 1 pitch
Indigenous Wall

More training for Colorado climbing! Jeff, Kevin and I spent the day climbing at Longstack Precipice. It took us a bit to find the trail, so we ended up following the dirt road until it ended. Then bushwacked our way up to the base of the Wonderland Wall. And on our way out, we took the climber’s path which took us to the logging road and back to the open area where we parked. But next time going to follow these directions:

At 1.5 miles of Rines Road in Alton, drive through the first gate and sign for the Knight’s Pond Conservation Area. Go to the very end and park in the parking lot with a kiosk. Large boulders border the parking lot. Between two boulders is a shortcut path. Take path to the intersection of the dirt, logging road. Follow for a few minutes and on your left a “climbers path” is marked with a cairn (there may be some overgrowth near the start of this path). Follow this well-worn path to the base of the Indigenous Wall.

Overall, it was an amazing day of climbing! Besides us, there was another pair of climbers and that’s it!!! After that other pair left, we had Longstack Precipice all to ourselves!  Well, not all to ourselves….there were a couple of giant Ravens who didn’t appreciate our company. Whenever they felt we were too close, they let out a loud series of squaks. And the mosquitoes, too many, oi!! The day started off cloudy and muggy. By mid day there were a few minutes of enjoyable cool temps and light breezes. But towards the end of the day it was muggy again, but with plenty of sunshine. Enjoy some photos taken of our day climbing in New Durham, NH!

Longstack from the approach

Jeff and Kevin

Kevin did an impressive job of leading Coyote Rain

Fun roof of Coyote Rain 

Up and over, piece of cake!

View from the top of Coyote Rain

At the base of Evening Blues

View from the top of Evening Blues

Kevin leading Tardis

Jeff on the bulge of Tardis

On the run-out slab to finish (3)

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