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Cormier-Magness - Multi Pitch Rock Climb

Cormier-Magness (5.6) Trad, 8 Pitches, 1150 feet Whitehorse Ledge North Conway, NH My last multi-pitch rock climb before I leave for Colorado! Sean, Tom and I were going to climb Whitney Gilman today but decided that Cormier-Magness may have less of a line. At the base we were behind a group of 3 that included a first time leader and a first time multi-pitch climber. When their 3rd started the second pitch, Sean lead up to the pine tree.  At the base, you can practice chipping. P2, "The Wheat Thin Arete", is a blast! P2, check! Pitch 3,  "The Cajun Washboard" Pitch 4 "The Open Book" Sean setting up anchor Coming up P4 Tom making his way on the final crack of P4 The giant, steep flake of "The Northwest Passage" (P5)  is my absolute favorite!! Here's Tom making his way up - i t looks harder than it really is. Tom on P6 - "The Low Beer Light" Sean Along