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Cannon Mountain - 1st Solo Hike

Cannon Mountain (4,100ft) Trails: Lonesome Lake & Kinsman Ridge Trails Elevation Gain: 2,400ft Distance: 6.2 miles roundtrip Duration: 5 hrs My 4000+ Peaks #6 Listed 4000+: #36 Difficulty:  Moderate Today I solo hiked Cannon Mountain. It's my very first solo hike and a gift to myself in celebration of my 52nd birthday tomorrow! Originally I was supposed to hike to Hedgehog Mountain with a meetup group but I had transportation issues and was not going to be able to meet them at the trailhead in time. So instead, I hiked Cannon Mountain in the later morning. I packed my backpack with my usual maps, compass, survival and first aid kits. As well as with my raingear and clothing to keep me warm. Filled my Camelbak full with ice and water and doubled my food supply. Since I was hiking alone, I packed in anticipation of spending the night. I left my itinerary and emergency instructions with my family. And I posted to my Facebook wall where I planned to hike with the promise to &