Friday, November 27, 2015

Mt. Watatic - Black Friday Hike #OptOutside

Mt. Watatic (1,832feet)
Nutting Hill (1,585ft)
Trails: Wapack and State Line
Miles: 3.4 roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Guidebook: Guide to the Wapack Trail sold at

I woke this morning feeling like I was coming down with my husband’s cold, but didn’t want to cancel this hike. This was a hike that Steff (Nature Girls organizer) and I put together a couple of weeks ago specifically for Black Friday. It was meant to be easy and short, so despite feeling crappy, I went on it.  Glad I didn’t cancel, the weather was perfect (except for a bit of wind on the Watatic summit) and the other Nature Girls were fun! I enjoyed this hike…there’s no rushing to the top. Just a stroll along the trail, enjoying the sights and getting to know the other Nature Girls members….super mellow! Who needs to shop in a crowded store full of rude peeps pushing and shoving one another – or standing in long lines to pay for slightly discounted items. No thanks, I’ll get out to enjoy nature instead!

Mt. Watatic is one of the most popular hikes in Massachusetts and stands as the southernmost summit on the 22 mile Wapack Trail. Enjoy some photos I took of our Nature Girls meetup group chillin’ on our Black Friday hike!

A week before our hike I was looking around REI for a bit.
Found their #OptOutside board and added our heart of info!

We did the 3.4 mile loop up to the
state line and back - yes, super mellow!


Past a small pond

At the State Line and Wapack trail junction

Shortly before the summit is a lookout ledge

At the lookout ledge there is a granite marker dedicated to Gary Evans. Gary Evans was the owner of Evans On The Common in Townsend, MA. He loved the outdoors and died suffering a heart attack while hiking Mt. Watatic. 

Peace out! from Steff

Nature Girls group selfie at the Mt. Watatic summit

Not the Hokey-Pokey!

Leaders selfie

Nutting Hill Cairn

Taking a short break on Nutting Hill

Nature Girls group selfie at the MA/NH state line 

The marker on the left indicates the northern end of
the Midstate Trail through Massachusetts.
The marker on the right is the Boundary marker indicating
the corner of New Ipswich, Ashby, and Ashburnham. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Alex Honnold Book Signing

book signing, alex honnold, climbing

Free soloist Alex Honnold was in town for a free slide show presentation and signing for his new book “Alone On The Wall.” The Central Rock Gym in Watertown, MA hosted 500 fans for the evening of November 13, 2015. Enjoy the few photos I took of the book signing.

Watched a slideshow presentation and 
then some Q&A from the audience members.
book signing, alex honnold, climbing, slideshow presentation

book signing, alex honnold, climbing, slideshow presentation

book signing, alex honnold, climbing, slideshow presentation

book signing, alex honnold, climbing, slideshow presentation

Then in line around the lead wall to get our books signed

I told him that I enjoyed reading his book and that I had
one more chapter to go, and he graciously thanked me.

Thanks for signing my book Alex!
book signing, alex honnold, climbing, slideshow presentation

My review:
Alex Honnold is an amazing climber! Before his presentation and book signing here in Watertown, MA., Alex was interviewed by the Boston Herald. It was a good interview and I'm glad that he cleared up the fact that he doesn't free solo all the time. Up until I started reading his book, I too thought Alex free solo climbed all the time. But that's just because his free solos get more publicity than his multi-pitch climbing. His book is fantastic, co-author David Roberts (also a climber) does an excellent job of writing! In the book there are many descriptions of all Alex's climbs which I found really interesting. And all is climbing adventures and stories on YouTube videos and climbing films are finally, in one spot! Very inspirational, I highly recommend this book.