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Books & Movies Library Management - iPhone App

To all my climbing and hiking bookworm friends!
If you’re like me, you love to read and watch movies about all things climbing and hiking! I don’t have a large library of books and movies, but it’s large enough to keep me busy! I found it easy to keep track of all my books and movies using two library management apps called “BookBuddy Pro” and “MovieBuddyPro” by Kimico, Ltd.
Both apps are sleek indeed and it’s easy to use! Cataloging is made easy and I have access to my entire library so I don’t have to worry about buying double copies of books and movies. Both apps pretty much have the same functions so I’m just going to include photos taken from my BookBuddy app to describe its features and functions.

The scanner makes it easy to add books and movies into your library. If for some reason you can’t scan the codes on the back of your book or movie, you can either add the title manually or do an online search. In this case, I personally find it easy to just enter the ISBN number in the …

Fall Foliage 2015

Echo Lake with Whitehorse and Cathedral Ledges

Echo Lake with Cathedral Ledge
Swift River

@hawaiigirllovey on Instagram

So I've finally figured out how to post to Instagram! I had created an account a while ago but couldn't figure out how to post to Instagram from my desktop PC. Since Instagram is a "mobile-based" platform and I have Dropbox, I can upload all my photos via my Dropbox account! It's that easy! I upload photos to my Dropbox account on my PC; then open the Dropbox app on my iPhone and "Save" my photos to my iPhone. Then open the Instagram app and select the photos to add to my account....easy-peasy! 

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Love A Good Book Sale

The local public library is having their bi-annual book sale. I picked up some good reads and old trail guides with maps. I love maps!! 

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