Friday, October 16, 2015

Books & Movies Library Management - iPhone App

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To all my climbing and hiking bookworm friends!

If you’re like me, you love to read and watch movies about all things climbing and hiking! I don’t have a large library of books and movies, but it’s large enough to keep me busy! I found it easy to keep track of all my books and movies using two library management apps called “BookBuddy Pro” and “MovieBuddyPro” by Kimico, Ltd.

Both apps are sleek indeed and it’s easy to use! Cataloging is made easy and I have access to my entire library so I don’t have to worry about buying double copies of books and movies. Both apps pretty much have the same functions so I’m just going to include photos taken from my BookBuddy app to describe its features and functions.

    The scanner makes it easy to add books and movies into your library. If for some reason you can’t scan the codes on the back of your book or movie, you can either add the title manually or do an online search. In this case, I personally find it easy to just enter the ISBN number in the “Search Online” field. When the title comes up, then I just “Save” it to my inventory. It’s that easy!! 

      Use the scanner to scan books while at the store and add to your “Wish List”. You can also use the app’s search online feature to add books to your wish list. This way folks know which title to gift you.  ;) 

     If there are no title photos in the database of your book that you scanned, you can simply add a photo yourself by tapping the “+” while editing.  Then choose "Take Photo", "Choose Online Photo" or "Choose Existing Photo" from the menu. I personally like to take the photo of the book cover as sometimes covers may change with each re-print. 

       After a book is added to your library database, there is a link to the book online as well.  This is a great tool as it provides summaries as well as reviews. You can also use it to get additional background on authors. And there are links to purchase additional copies of the book.

      By far, my favorite feature on this app is the “Categories” feature. You can create your own categories and move each book into its own category. It makes for easy cataloging and quick finding too.


    The "Loan Book" feature keeps track of which books you have loaned out and to who.


     The "Borrowed" feature tracks books you are borrowing from your buddies!


      “Unread”, “Being Read” or “Finished” status. Who else here is reading more than one book at a time? I love to read different genres at a time!


    The "Tags" feature is the bomb in this app! You can easily add tags to each book (or movie) in your Buddy Library. Using tags, you can sort and search very quickly.

    Sharing is caring! You can share you favorite books using social media like Facebook, Twitter and email!

     Easy to sort your library by title, author, genre, rating, date added, published, finished, purchased and more!

      This app does everything I need and so much more! So glad I purchased it and hope you enjoy using it as much as I do. You can download free versions of the BookBuddy Library Manager or MovieBuddy Library Manager separately. Or you can purchase the “Pro” versions separately as well. The free version has a 50 book limit while the paid version has no book limit. I bought both library managers as a bundle and saved $1.98 (see link).

Happy Reading!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ouch! Poison Ivy - Contact Dermatitis

Misdiagnosed by my GP as an infection - it worsened even with antibiotics. Went to a dermatologist who told me that I don't have an infection after all, but rather contact dermatitis from poison ivy. They relieved the pressure in all the blisters, taught me to clean and wrap, and put me on topical meds. In addition, I'm on day 5 of a 12 day Prednisone taper and am feeling better. 

My toe has been wrapped like this for a week now, especially since it's been draining!

I hope to be climbing and hiking soon! I am getting caught up on reading my climbing books! Just want to add that I'm not confined to the couch. I can still walk I just have to put my foot up and rest as much as possible. I picked it up during my multi pitch climb in Huntington Ravine last month. :(

Edit to add: I was laid up for 6 weeks due to this!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

@hawaiigirllovey on Instagram

So I've finally figured out how to post to Instagram! I had created an account a while ago but couldn't figure out how to post to Instagram from my desktop PC. Since Instagram is a "mobile-based" platform and I have Dropbox, I can upload all my photos via my Dropbox account! It's that easy! I upload photos to my Dropbox account on my PC; then open the Dropbox app on my iPhone and "Save" my photos to my iPhone. Then open the Instagram app and select the photos to add to my account....easy-peasy! 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Love A Good Book Sale

The local public library is having their bi-annual book sale. I picked up some good reads and old trail guides with maps. I love maps!! 

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