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Monkey Wrench & The Cleft - Multi pitch Ice Climbing

Left Hand Monkey Wrench, WI3 The Cleft, WI2+ Mount Willard Crawford Notch, NH As I write this, I’m tired, a bit sore, but very happy! Two days in Crawford Notch, it was an amazing weekend! This morning Jeff S.  took me up the Left-Hand Monkey Wrench and The Cleft. It was way lot warmer (20 degrees) to climb today than yesterday. View from Monkey Wrench Route 302, Crawford Notch View from Monkey Wrench Flume (left) and Silver Cascades (right) Crawford Notch, NH                                                                                                      The Left Hand Monkey Wrench is a short, fun climb. We got there and there was one party of 3 on their way up on the right, and another party of 3 waiting to go up on the left. Jeff and I set up to ascend the section on the right side. There was some water coming down, and the ice was starting to get a lot softer and easier to get tools and crampons in. After topping off, we hiked up to the

Willey’s Slide – Multi-pitch Ice Climbing

Willey’s Slide, WI2 Mount Willey Crawford Notch, NH It's a beautiful, blue sky day, and you don't think you'll get wet but from the bit of sweat from climbing. But anything can happen. And thin ice with running water under it happened to us on today's climb at Mt. Willey! Is it cold enough yet? Zero degree temps were forecasted for today but Sean and I went anyways. We were the first at the parking pullout below the Slide and the cold blasted us as we stepped out of my truck. There is a direct correlation between the cold temps and my profanity. Immediate frustration set in as my fingers went numb. I couldn’t get the toe and hand warmers going and that didn’t help as well. Sean was able to get two pairs of hand warmers going, but I went without toe warmers. Views from Willey's Slide (2) The approach was a workout for me, especially with my EIA (exercise-induced asthma) and the cold temps. We finally reached the base of the Slide, were st

2014: A Year Review

I cannot believe how quickly 2014 has come and gone, but it has been another fantastic year! I still climb 3-5 days per week and have taken to actually enjoying practicing indoor climbing. Where I once abhorred color-coded plastic holds, I’ve come to appreciate their challenges with the simple thought of, “well, all that would be on if I were outdoors!”  :P Anyways, the start of 2014 couldn’t come soon enough. I had received all brand-spanking new ice climbing gear for Christmas (2013) from my wonderful husband. Although he isn’t a climber and has absolutely no idea about buying climbing gear, he came through with gear I could call my very own. No more borrowing, renting or using ill-fitting second-hand gear. It’s new shit from here on out!  Winter And all that new ice climbing gear couldn’t come at a better time. I signed up for the AMC Boston Ice Climbing Program. I learned a lot - networking and gaining new climbing skills. I got to rappel down ice for the first time.