Friday, June 20, 2014

Mt. Garfield - Solo Spring Hike

Mt. Garfield
Elevation: 4,500ft
Trails: Garfield and Garfield Ridge Trail/Appalachian Trail
Elevation Gain: 3,000ft
Distance: 10 miles roundtrip
Duration: 6.75 hours (includes stops along trail and at summit)
My 4000+ Peak #29
Listed 4000+: #14
Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate

Normally I don’t hike during the week, but I had a free day and it was gorgeous with very mild temps, perfect for spending time with myself hiking in the White Mountains. I took the most popular route up, the Garfield Trail. It was an easy trail that follows old fire roads and a tractor road. At the Garfield Ridge junction I took the short, easy scramble 0.2 miles to the summit. I had the summit to myself for a while. I usually limit my summit stays to about 30 minutes, but I couldn’t get my Peaks App to focus correctly on the peaks of the Franconia Ridge. Plus, I had to eat. Plus, I had to take as many photos as I could get. And then I did a bit of socializing with Nack and his mom. Even though I got a bit of a late start, I was able to spend 1 hour and 15 minutes at the summit! It really is tough to leave a summit with 360-degree phenomenal views!

Along the trail (4)

At the summit

Nack admiring the views

Franconia Ridge views

Summit selfie!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Rock Rimmon – Rock Climb

26 peeps + 1 dog + 9 routes = FUN and a mellow day of climbing!!

Forget we are at an urban crag trashed with broken glass, beer cans, television sets, paper and an assortment of what-have-you! I set up the Sunday Climb at Rock Rimmon meetup so all levels can enjoy climbing! We sure lucked out with weather perfect for climbing - warm temps and lots of shade under the trees. Rock Rimmon is located in Manchester, NH with routes from 5.2  to 5.12. Our group set up ropes on 9 routes and everyone got a chance to climb whatever they wanted! To come out climbing with us, join The NH Rock Climbing Meetup Group!

1. Tippy Toe Slabs
2. Tippy Toe Slabs
3. Creatures Creation (5.8+)
4. The Washbowl (5.7+)
5. Zig Zag (5.4+)
6. Beehive Crack (5.8)/The Thing (5.7)
7. Something Obscene (5.9-)
8. Armpits (5.7)
9. The Devil (5.9)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Crow Hill - Rock Climb

Joined the AMC Worcester group for some climbing in the Leominster State Forest. It had rained the day before and most routes on the Practice and Main walls were wet. But still a bit more climbing could be done on the other walls. I got a chance to try out Cro-Magnon - no pressure - just wanted to be able to do the first two bouldering moves, and that was as far as I got! LOL! In the end, John Grote showed me how it's done......

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farley Ledges - Rock Climb

Photo blog of my Farley Ledges rock climb with Jeff, Geoff and Al. What an awesome crag area, but I didn't get to see the Bouldering stuff! Hoping to get back there soon to climb as well as Boulder!

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