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Whitney-Gilman Ridge – Multi-Pitch Rock Climb

Whitney-Gilman Ridge (5.7) Cannon Cliff
Franconia Notch, NH
“Is that a porcupine in the tree”? Sean’s son Tom asked. Tom spotted it in the tree just a few feet from the ascent trail. Originally we were going to do a multi-pitch climb up the Lakeview Route, but it was wet. So we decided on Whitney-Gilman Ridge route. The route is along an arête and from the parking lot, we could see that it was already in the sun.
The choice would be a good one and we thought we would have enough day light to complete the route. But when we realized it was a black bear instead of a porcupine in the tree, we had no choice but to give it as much ‘wide berth’ as we could, putting us way past the Whitney-Gilman ascent trail!
Of course I wanted to get a photo of the bear in the tree, but when Sean said that it was coming down, the three of us slowly backed up the bike path. We froze when the animal let out a verbal warning. I reached for my bear spray (I keep it clipped to my backpack strap just above my heart).…

Rose Ledge - Rock Climbing

Some photos of Mother's Day Rock Climb at Rose Ledge, Erving, MA.
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Belay Glasses

Athleta Girls - me and Noelle!


Guillotine (aka Double Overhead Cam)

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