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Frankenstein Cliffs – Ice Climbing

Headed out to Frankenstein Cliffs to meet up with Jeff, Geoff, Tom and Al for some ice climbing. Warm temps made for some really mellow ice climbing! Didn’t bring my DSLR along on this climb, just took photos with my iPhone. Bringing a bit of Hawaii to Frankenstein Cliffs   Crawford Notch We did an easy warm-up on the Practice Slab along the tracks (3) Jeff on my belay   Jeff on Geoff's belay  Al with Tom on his belay Then we moved onto "A Walk In The Forest, WI 3/4" Al and Tom on belay Geoff on the left. Jeff on the right ready to top off. Jeff belayed Tom & I on separate ropes as we climbed  in tandem

Stonehouse Pond Ice Climbing

Stonehouse Pond Ice Climbing AMC-NH Mountaineering A mellow day of ice climbing in Barrington, NH Photos Bringing a bit of Hawaii to New England! A few of us did some ice climbing without tools I actually enjoy this!  Amy (2) Jennifer Mille Eric on some mixed stuff Bridget Jim Kent Ben on the mixed stuff Jim, Tom and Joe

Silver Cascades Falls - Multi-pitch Ice Climb

Silver Cascades Falls WI3-4, 6 pitches Crawford Notch State Park The 2nd weekend of the AMC Boston Ice Climbing program  I got to do my very first multi-pitch ice climb! On Saturday I was paired with Nancy and Al. I met them at the Glen Junction Diner and after breakfast followed them to the parking lot of the Webster-Jackson Trailhead. From there we walked down to the Silver Cascade waterfall.  Al climbed the first pitch with us but had to leave due to cramping and difficulty in front pointing. So I seconded Nancy the rest of the 5 pitches. It was amazing, the climb was mellow and so was my leader Nancy.  Too bad my DSLR is too heavy to bring along on multi-pitches. And too bad I didn’t think to bring my iPhone along because the views of Crawford Notch on the way up and from the top were phenomenal!!  I was so stoked after climbing 6 pitches, I could barely sleep that night! You know how that works, you don’t want the day to end and keep playing it in your mind! :) Anyways

Kinsman Notch Ice Climbing

Kinsman Notch Ice Climbing AMC-NH Mountaineering What a beautiful day for climbing at Kinsman Notch! I did not care for the approach, but it’s well-worth the effort for such pretty ice! We shared the crag with 3 other groups, one being from Art Mooney’s guide service. Shamrock (WI4-) was a good warm-up although I didn’t care for the ramp. But then again, slabs and rampy climbs annoy me.   I loved Pot o' Gold (WI4)  I got to climb the right side of this pretty pillar!!    And after watching most everyone on it, I couldn’t resist Leprechaun's Lement (WI2-3)   I still don’t feel comfortable walking in crampons so as usual, I hobbled my way around the crag. I had picked up some used Petzl Freelock Leashes from IME the week before and got to try them out. The temps were perfect and the company was fantastic! There were 8 students and 6 leader/co-leads/assistants for this group. Thank you Tom Sintros for leading this event and thank you to T