Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013: A Year Review

This has been one amazing year for me! My husband and I were in Hawaii to visit with my family and celebrate Christmas 2012 and the New Year 2013! Not only did I get to work on my NH 48 4000 footers list, but I got to go on a lot of hikes while in Hawaii and do some pretty cool climbing in New Hampshire as well! It certainly was a busy year for me, I was fortunate to get valuable climbing education and I met a lot of wonderful people along my hiking and climbing journey - mahalo nui loa for making this an unforgettable year for me! Here are a few 2013 events highlighted:

Bringing in 2013 was an unforgettable day! I celebrated the New Year 2013 by hiking with the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club. Every New Year their members hike the Koko Crater - Kohelepelepe (not to be confused with Koko Head). And my cousin and I joined a small group to hike to Haiku Stairs via Moanalua Middle Ridge. When I returned home to the east coast, I took an ice climbing clinic through the Mt. Washington Valley Ice Festival. Hiking in Hawaii to ice climbing in the Whites, it was a wild winter, but sweet! 

One of the things I really wanted was to get some training through AMC’s Rock Climbing Program. Not only did I learn how to set TR (top rope) anchors, but I learned to second a Trad leader and met some pretty awesome folks! I also had the opportunity to take an AMC Self-Rescue course.

The summer was a very busy season for me! I completed my Belknap Ridge hike and applied for a Belknap Ridge Hiker badge.  I participated in my first Seek The Peak 2013, went Waterfall Rappelling for the first time, and in August I spent 3 weeks on Oahu and got in 10 hikes! 

Fall is usually the time I to try to get in as much rock climbing as I can. I attended the Northeast Craggin’ event by the American Alpine Club and learned how to set Multi-pitch anchors.  Rhonda and I took a Technique Class from Mike Thompson at Vertical Dreams and it was this class that got me started on Bouldering. Where I was only climbing once a week, I now climb 3-5 days per week (indoors & outdoors) and designate two days per week just for Bouldering practice. And I finally became a member of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club!

More climbing opportunities opened up for me as the year is coming to an end. Rhonda and I tested and passed the Lead Test for leading indoors at Evolution Rock + Fitness. I became a member of “EVO” as well and started attending their Rockin’ Ladies clinics which are valuable in getting feedback on my climbing technique. And I have all new ice climbing gear which will, no doubt, be put to use on a regular basis. At this writing, I just received an email from AMC stating that I've been accepted into the Boston Ice Climbing Program 2014! Woot!

Looking ahead - 2014!
The year 2014 is going to be a busy one for me - I have several goals. For climbing, I plan to do more ice climbing and have scheduled ice climbing practically every weekend in January and February. I continue to climb indoors and hope to do more outdoor sport climbing and Trad seconding after the winter season. For hiking, I have 20 more 4000+ footer peaks to hike and hope to finish at least half this year. I’m also working on my 52 With A View list and I plan to visit Oahu again getting in as many hikes as I can. I'm looking forward to continuing my climbing and hiking education. And I'm also looking forward to sharing my adventures, experiences and photos with you!

What are your hiking/climbing goals the year 2014?

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