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Mt. Percival & Mt. Morgan - Fall Hiking

Mt. Percival Elevation: 2,212ft Mt. Morgan Elevation: 2,220ft   Trails: Percival, Crawford-Ridgepole and Morgan Trails Elevation Gain: 1,500ft Distance: 4.8 miles roundtrip Duration: 5.0 hrs Difficulty: Moderate The Terrifying Twenty Five List:  Mt. Percival Trail (Boulder Caves Route) Danger: High (caves, ledges, cliffs on trail)   Rock Scrambles : Boulder caves and rock scrambling - Class II Caves, ledges and ladders, oh my!!! Mt. Hale was originally the planned hike of the day, but when I met up with Sue and her son Nick, she said that Lisa wouldn't be able to make the hike due to illness. So we decided to hike to Percival & Morgan instead and headed out to the Squam Lake area.  I had hiked these two back in 2011 with the New England Over 50 Meetup group. But we hiked the looped trail in the opposite direction. We hiked it during the winter and we bypassed the Boulder Caves. I was eager to see what this hike was like during the mild season and I also need

Women's Trad Climbing Clinic - Rock Climbing

Women’s Trad Climbing Clinic American Alpine Club Craggin' Classic 2013 Cathedral Ledge, North Conway, NH Found out about this awesome event while I was still hiking in Hawaii. I had taken the AMC Rock Climbing Course with the intent of learning how to set anchors. But along with it came lessons on Trad Seconding and some ops to second. This clinic looked like the perfect op to finally get to learn about setting anchors, so after checking my calendar, I quickly booked my spot for the Women’s Trad Climbing Clinic. Check-in was at the Glen Ellis Family Campground in Glen, NH. After meeting with Alexa of Mooney Mountain Guides, we drove to The North End of Cathedral Ledge. It was a short hike uphill from the street parking. There were 8 students, 1 instructor and 2 assistants and Alexa quickly got to demonstrating building bomber anchors. In this clinic we learned components of building a safe anchor system using the  acronym ERNEST. In the AMC Rock Climbing Course the acronym SER

Mount Whiteface - Hiking

Mount Whiteface (4,020 ft) Elevation Gain: 2,850ft Trails: Blueberry Ledge, Rollins, Dicey’s Mill Distance: 9.8 miles roundtrip Duration: 7.5 hours (include stops along the trail for posing, at the lookouts and summit) My 4000+ Peaks #27 Listed 4000+: #45 Difficulty: Strenuous   Danger: High (steep, ledges, cliffs on trail, rock scrambling) Rock Scrambles : Two short sections Blueberry Ledge  trail - Class II Originally we were also going to hike to the Passaconway summit but with time constraints, we weren’t able to do so on this hike. So we just bagged Mount Whiteface. But hey, no worries!!! As I told Sue, the mountain will always be here. Plus, Lisa also needs to bag Passaconway, so there ya go!  We’ll be able to hike Passaconway, the three of us! The Blueberry Ledge trail is in fantastic shape and is maintained by the Wanaloncet Outdoor Club (WODC) . I was impressed with the stone stairs along the trail. But even more so impressed with the stairs on a very steep sect