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The Ledges at Lake Massabesic - Rock Climbing

Forget Black Friday shopping, and go rock climbing! Well, heck yeah!  Like last weekend, Kellie listed this meetup on her NHRock Climbing Meetup group . And like last weekends' climbing cliff, this cliff and its routes aren't listed in any guidebook.  But the climbing, especially on a warm November day, is fantastic! We all met at the Auburn, NH Dunkin' Donuts on Rt 28 just short of the rotary. From there, it was a short 1.2 miles along Lake Massabesic to the roadside parking lot. A relatively short hike in from the parking lot, we followed the trail between the lake's edge and Fire Road 55. This cliff is referred to as "The Ledges" which can be seen from Battery Point of the Massabesic Audubon Center and Wildlife Sanctu ary . At the base of the  cliff is a large boulder painted as a white mouse. We set up ropes on 5 routes and all 11 of us were able to climb until sunset! Setting up anchors          My spot at clifftop for photo

Mount Kearsarge - Solo Hiking

Mount Kearsarge (2,937ft) Elevation Gain: 1,100ft Trails: Barlow Trail Distance: 3.6 miles roundtrip Duration: 2 hrs/50 mins (includes stops for breaks along the trail and at summit) NH 52 With A View Difficulty: Easy I wanted to do another solo hike but this time an easy one especially since I had never hiked on a weekday. I packed the usually emergency shelter, extra layers, survival kit , first aid kit, water, food, camera and batteries. I left my itinerary with my family also including where I would be parked with directions to the trailhead. I've taken to doing this so that my family can get my pickup truck in the event that I'm unable to drive home. At trailhead of the Winslow State Park. I was the only one in the parking lot, but was okay with that, it was Monday after all. But right before I set off, a car pulled up and a woman and her dog headed up to the Winslow Trail. I originally planned to take the Winslow Trail up and then the Barlow Trail on my descen

Deer Leap - Rock Climbing

Kellie set this up on her NH Rock Climbing Meetup group , and it was a perfect climb for a warm November day! Deer Leap is a town forest in Windham, NH. The name is derived from the natural rock outcropping (cliffs) that rise 60 feet above the Moeckel's Pond. We met in the parking lot off of Woodbury Road and hiked in on the Deer Leap trail. The Deer Leap trail is one large loop and it's great for hiking and snowshoeing. At the Deer Leap-Porcupine Ledge trail junction we took the Deer Leap trail and it took us directly to the top of the Deer Leap cliffs. The Porcupine Ledge trail leads off the main trail and loops over uplands, past a large boulder, and then down through rock ledges, where it got its name. It also leads to the Deer Leap cliffs but not before passing Porcupine and Mike's cliffs. We were the only group rock climbing at Deer Leap! Kellie set up two ropes and our group spent the rest of the afternoon climbing, enjoying the warm November sun! **Thanks