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Mount Monadnock - Solo Hiking

Elevation: 3,165ft
Trails: White Dot and White Cross Elevation Gain: 1,765ft Distance: 4 miles roundtrip Duration: 4 hours (includes stops for breaks along the trail, lookouts and at summit) Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Rock Scrambles: Along the White Dot Trail - Class II

So glad that I got to hike Monadnock this morning! What a change of pace to be heading out to the west instead of north to the White Mountains. Monadnock State Park was easy to find and at the entrance the ranger was very polite and patient with answering my questions. I told him I planned to hike the White Dot trail and he said that it was the most direct route. He handed me a trails map and suggested that I descend via the White Cross trail as to avoid the ascending traffic on the White Dot. He also said that I was early and that the 'crowd' would be around 1030am. I paid my $5 fee and he placed my receipt on my dash and directed me to park in the lower lot.
The White Dot Trail starts off wide and although some pa…

Mt. Field - Solo Summer Hike

Elevation: 4,340ft Trails: Avalon and Willey Ridge Elevation Gain: 2,400ft Distance: 5.4 miles roundtrip Duration: 5 hrs/15 min (includes stops for breaks along the trail and at both summits) My 4000+ Peak #17 Listed 4000+: #23
Via: Mt. Avalon (3,342 ft.)
Difficulty: Moderate
So there I was at the trailhead for the third time. The first time I did a solo hike to Mt. Willard, and the second time I made my first winter solo hike to Mt. Tom. I was familiar with how the Avalon Trail starts off easily from the Crawford Train Depot. I had planned to hike to Mounts Avalon, Field and Willey. But thunderstorms were forecasted for the afternoon and if I did hike to Mt. Willey, I didn't want to take a chance of hiking back down the steep rocky portions of trail when it was wet. I'd make my decision once I got to the summit of Mt. Field.
I expected the heat but not the humidity. Some parts of the trail are steep and rocky and the combination of humidity and bugs didn't make it any fun. There…

Rock Rimmon Evening Climb