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Stinson Mountain - Winter Solo Hiking

Stinson Mountain (2,850ft) Elevation Gain: 1,300ft Trails: Stinson Mountain, Snowmobile Distance: 3.6 miles roundtrip Duration: 3.75 hr (includes stops for breaks along the trail, and at the summit) Difficulty: Moderate
Another NH 52 With A View! Located in Rumney, NH, Stinson Mountain is just up the road from the Rumney Rock Climbing area. The lower Doetown Road to the trailhead, as well as the trailhead, wasn't plowed but there wasn't much snow on the ground and I was able to drive to and park at the trailhead. Shortly before starting two other cars pulled  into the parking lot. I wanted to be alone so I quickly got my gear on and headed up the trail.
It was very sunny and temps in the low 20's. About 0.7 mile I had to take off my 3rd layer (my insulated jacket liner) and change to a 'thinner'  3rd layer. It was nice to hike in snow. Back in Massachusetts there is no snow on the's just cold and brown! Yuck! To be hiking in snow was invigorating. The s…

Stonehouse Pond - Ice Climbing

Stonehouse Pond Barrington, NH
What a difference a year makes! 13 months ago I wore a borrowed pair of leather boots and mountaineering crampons and kicked my way to the top on my first ice climb! My blog about that first ice climb can be found here:
This year I had my own ice climbing boots and crampons, but I didn't have ice axes or ice climbing gloves. So I met up with Kellie at her place to gear up. I showed her my 'cool find' and her husband noticed how dull the front picks were. So he showed me how to correctly file the front points as well as the second row of points. I sure am glad I bought a package of foot sole warmers! They were 3 pairs in a package on sale at Target. I quickly stuck a pair to the bottom of my wool socks and laced up my boots. The boots were really awkward to walk in but I was sure happy to have my very own pair.
We took my truck to the entrance of the Stonehouse P…

Hedgehog Mountain - Winter Hiking

Hedgehog Mountain (2,532ft) Elevation Gain: 1,500ft Trails: UNH Distance: 4.7 miles roundtrip Duration: 4.5 hr (includes stops for breaks along the trail, at the east ledge and at the summit) Difficulty: Moderate
Another NH 52 With A View! And views ga-lore! Such a beautiful trail with a moderate ascent and stunning views that rewarded us today! I met with friends Hawaii-Girl-Cindy and Dwight at the Market Basket in Lee, NH. From there I carpooled with them up to the UNH trailhead on the Kancamagus Highway via routes 125 and 16. On the ride up we couldn't believe our luck, the sun out and not a cloud in the sky!
We arrived at the trailhead parking lot and got started on the trail right away. I purposely picked this mountain/trail as the Over 50 Meetup group had hiked this just yesterday and I knew that the trail would be well broken in. We had our snowshoes with us but only MicroSpikes were needed. The trail was like a sidewalk, amazing!
We hiked this looped trail clockwise. The trail gra…