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The Rattlesnakes - Hiking

West Rattlesnake Mountain (1,231ft) East Rattlesnake Mountain (1,289ft) Elevation Gain: 900ft Trails: Old Bridle Path, Ridge, Col, Five Finger Point, Pasture  Distance: 6.2 miles roundtrip Duration: 4.0 hrs Difficulty: Easy An easy peasy hike and I loved the views on this hike! But I did get lost on my way to the trailhead, something that's become a bit of a habit lately. I've never lost my way on a solo hike, but put me behind the wheel and I'm sure to drive myself lost somewhere! I met up with the other members of the New England Over 50 Hiking group at the Old Bridle Path trailhead. I had some earlier weather forecasts of overcast skies, but this morning the sun was out and it looked like it was going to stay out...I was hoping. There were only 6 of us on this hike to the West Rattlesnake mountain and after our introductory circle, we started up the trail. There was snow on the ground and microspikes used by all in our group. The incline was gr

Arethusa Falls & Frankenstein Cliff - Hiking

Arethusa Falls (2,000 ft) Frankenstein Cliff (2,150 ft) Elevation Gain: 1,500 ft cumulative Trails: Arethusa Falls and Frankenstein Cliff Distance: 4.7 miles roundtrip Duration: 4 hours Difficulty: Moderate I don't get a chance to drive through Crawford Notch very often, but when I do, it's always a treat to see how beautiful this part of the White Mountains are. I met with other members of the New England Over 50 Hiking group this morning at the trailhead of the upper parking lot just off of Route 302. The weather was perfect, a bit chilly but sunny and comfortable. Reading other reviews of this particular hike, most take the Frankenstein Cliff trail first, then make the loop to the falls. Steve, our meetup group organizer, took us in the opposite direction.    The trail to the falls is pleasant and an easy hike walk. There were several wooden bridge crossings and no grand views as the trail is entirely wooded. There were many others on the trail as wel