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Mts Monroe & Eisenhower - Hiking

Mt. Monroe (5,384ft) Elevation Gain: 2,500ft Trails: Ammonoosuc Ravine, Mt. Monroe Loop, Crawford Path, Mt. Eisenhower Loop, Edmands Path Mt. Franklin (5,003ft) Elevation Gain: Mt. Eisenhower (4,780ft) Elevation Gain: 350 ft Hut: Lakes In The Clouds Elevation: 5,012ft Distance: 8.2 miles roundtrip Duration: 7.0 hrs My 4000+ Peak #13 & #14 Listed 4000+: #4 & #11 Difficulty: Very Strenuous Bagged another two peaks today! Can I get a woot woot! Since I just started hiking this January 1st, I set my goal for peakbagging the NH 48 4000ft+ to 12 summits for this year. But earlier today I bagged my 13th and 14th atop the summits of Mounts Monroe and Eisenhower! Sweet stoke! I'm exhausted as I write this not only because this was a fairly long hike above 5000 feet, but because I only got 3½ hours of sleep last night. I normally have no problems getting to sleep but I was so excited about today's hike and add to that the prospect of snow atop Mt. Einsenhower...well, my min

Mt. Jackson - Hiking

Mt. Jackson (4,052ft) Elevation Gain: 2,150ft Trails: Webster-Jackson and Jackson Branch Distance: 5.2 miles roundtrip Duration: 4.5 hrs My 4000+ Peak #12 Listed 4000+: 39 Difficulty: Moderate   Bagged my 12th peak today! Was originally supposed to do trail maintenance work but had transportation issues that would have prevented me from getting to the trailhead in time, so I decided to solo hike Mt. Jackson. The Over 50 Hiking group was going to hike Mt. Webster which is the same trailhead I was headed to. I didn't get to the trailhead until almost 930am and expected the group to be gone, but they still hadn't gone off. There were 4 others in the group wanting to hike Mt. Jackson as well so off we went.   The Webster-Jackson trail was moderately inclined and crossed several brooks. We made it to the trail fork in less than an hour. We took the 'left' onto the Jackson Branch trail to the Mt. Jackson summit. There were steeper inclines and at the base of the summit the